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Automate The Business Case for Sustainable Design with Autocase®

Autocase cloud-based software (SaaS) automates cost benefit analysis to translate sustainable and eco-friendly building design impacts into triple-bottom-line metrics.

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Autocase® software

The leading business case software for green buildings

When constructing a building, justifying the economics can be a difficult task when it comes to environmentally and socially conscious design. Autocase aligns the multi-trillion dollar global buildings and construction industry with the growing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) paradigm. 

Our clients

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The Problem

Many don't have adequate information to see the full benefit of sustainability

While awareness of climate change and sustainability is seemingly higher than ever, one sector that desperately needs an eco-friendly overhaul is the global construction industry. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t integrate sustainable operations because they believe they cannot justify its cost from a financial perspective.

The Solution

Autocase answers the sustainability question with triple-bottom-line analytics

Using cost-benefit analysis, sustainable and eco-friendly impacts are translated into Environmental, Social and Economic metrics.

Autocase® software provides location-based data like carbon and air pollution emissions, weather data, socioeconomic data, and utility rates to help meet your company’s planning needs efficiently. For design teams, Autocase’s user-friendly interface enables users to create, modify, and compare multiple designs so clients can choose the most effective carbon strategy. We even simplify year-end reporting.

Export Project Insights As:

How Autocase® empowers your workflow:

Location-based data

Save time looking for location-specific data like carbon & air pollution emissions, utility rates and more

Simply enter your project location and type, and Autocase pulls in thousands of defaults like city-level grid emission factors, weather data, socio-economic information, and more. We integrate with your favorite tools, too!

Project Design Support

Compare, iterate, & prioritize multiple designs quickly & consistently

Autocase’s user-friendly interface enables you to create, add data to, and compare multiple designs quickly in one place.

Use our partner integrations to layer the business case on your existing design files. Select the most cost effective decarbonization strategies.

Downloadable Reports

Benchmark and report on cost, carbon and co-benefits associated with your building design.

We can make your project presentations easy, and show if your design meets your client’s objectives, instantaneously. Save time and money switching from daunting excel sheets to Autocase’s interactive tool. 

Autocase automates cost benefit analysis to translate sustainable and eco-friendly impacts into triple-bottom-line metrics

Our software can provide location-based data like:

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Revolutionize Your Cost-Benefit-Analysis Workflow with Autocase

Autocase® automates TBL-CBA to help architects, engineers, and owners easily and cost-effectively develop the business case to justify their projects.

Why Autocase®

6 of the Top 10 Architecture Firms Rely on Autocase

Autocase® has collated thousands of location-specific data points that can quantify the life cycle cost, whole-life carbon, and co-benefit outcomes of your building design.

Top uses of Autocase® software:

Saves you on average 60 hours per project

That’s at 10x return on the cost of an Autocase license.

Respond to a growing need

Owners are requiring sustainable buildings. Need to show the value that sustainability brings to your project? Autocase can help.

Our clients win work

Having Autocase's sustainable business case on your project sets your RFP response apart in competitive bids. Just ask them!

Get Credits

We have partnered with USGBC to get firms LEED points and CE credits faster and more efficiently

Use Autocase for a quick and easy way to show project value and get LEED points.

Earn USGBC continuing education credits to understand the importance of making a business case for sustainable buildings.

​Take advantage of our exclusive offer – 50% discount on your basic $2,500 subscription for Silver, Gold or Platinum USGBC Members.

Informing Design by Major Credit Category Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis
USGBC Continuing Education Credits with Autocase


We integrate with industry partners, saving you time on tedious, repetitive tasks

Autocase software is dedicated to making your life easier by offering seamless integrations with some of the industry’s leading partners. Our integrations with these partners allow you to save time and streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for manual data transfer or duplicated effort.

By partnering with these industry leaders, we’re ensuring that you have the best possible experience with our software, and can focus on what’s most important – your work.

Autocase software

Creating more sustainable, resilient, and cost-effective built environments

Both inside and outside the U.S., governments and private companies alike are making a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Regulations like Local Law 97 are being enacted, requiring larger buildings to meet energy and emission standards before the end of the decade. Meanwhile, in an executive order from December 2021, President Biden outlined the country’s roadmap to ensure climate resilient operations.  

As the $7 trillion global buildings and construction market is seeing unprecedented pressure from owners and investors to address these concerns.

Our case studies outline how Autocase is providing companies with the comprehensive cost benefit analysis needed to meet these new requirements.

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