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Cost-Effectively Earn 2 LEED Points with Autocase® Software

The partnership between USGBC and Autocase® enables building designers to quickly and easily display project value and earn CE Credits and LEED Points.

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USGBC: Continuing Education Credits

Defining Value in Sustainability: Informing Design Through Economic Analysis

Autocase® helps make the case for more sustainable, higher value buildings

Why Autocase®

6 of the Top 10 Architecture Firms Rely on Autocase

Autocase® has collated thousands of location-specific data points that can quantify the life cycle cost, whole-life carbon, and co-benefit outcomes of your building design.

Top uses of Autocase® software:

Saves you on average 60 hours per project

That’s a 10x return on the cost of an Autocase license.

Respond to a growing need

Owners are requiring sustainable buildings. Need to show the value that sustainability brings to your project? Autocase can help.

Our clients win work

Having Autocase's sustainable business case on your project sets your RFP response apart in competitive bids. Just ask them!

Get Credits

We have partnered with USGBC to get firms LEED points and CE credits faster and more efficiently

Use Autocase for a quick and easy way to show project value and get LEED points.

Earn USGBC continuing education credits to understand the importance of making a business case for sustainable buildings.

​Take advantage of our exclusive offer – 50% discount on your basic $2,500 subscription for Silver, Gold or Platinum USGBC Members.

Informing Design by Major Credit Category Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis
USGBC Continuing Education Credits with Autocase


We integrate with industry partners, saving you time on tedious, repetitive tasks

Autocase software is dedicated to making your life easier by offering seamless integrations with some of the industry’s leading partners. Our integrations with these partners allow you to save time and streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for manual data transfer or duplicated effort.

By partnering with these industry leaders, we’re ensuring that you have the best possible experience with our software, and can focus on what’s most important – your work.

Industry Leaders Leverage Autocase®

Valuable tools trusted by the world's leading architectural firms

Trusted & used by the best in the business

You’ll be in good hands. We are trusted by top AEC firms, Governments and Fortune 500 companies. Cost benefit analysis and life cycle cost analyses are frameworks that have been relied on by government for decades. Put the power of these analytics to work on your project.


Reliable data from trusted sources

Autocase® has spent nearly a decade collecting it’s database of local & geographically-specific economic, building and site, weather and climate change data from government sources, peer-reviewed literature, and our partners. Tap into this data for your project today!

World class customer service by experts

Our annual software licenses come with a range of training and customizable options. Our experts can support you leveraging our software. Our trained account managers and economists can help you prepare, review and present your business case.


Get Started with Autocase® Today

Get access to evaluate tools and features. No credit card. Cancel anytime.

See Autocase® in Action: Live Demonstration

How Autocase® empowers your workflow:

Location-based data

Save time looking for location-specific data like carbon & air pollution emissions, utility rates and more

Simply enter your project location and type, and Autocase pulls in thousands of defaults like city-level grid emission factors, weather data, socio-economic information, and more. We integrate with your favorite tools, too!

Project Design Support

Compare, iterate, & prioritize multiple designs quickly & consistently

Autocase’s user-friendly interface enables you to create, add data to, and compare multiple designs quickly in one place.

Use our partner integrations to layer the business case on your existing design files. Select the most cost effective decarbonization strategies.

Downloadable Reports

Benchmark and report on cost, carbon and co-benefits associated with your building design.

We can make your project presentations easy, and show if your design meets your client’s objectives, instantaneously. Save time and money switching from daunting excel sheets to Autocase’s interactive tool. 

Speak with an Autocase specialist

Speak with an Autocase specialist and discover how to automate data collection and streamline your triple-bottom-line cost-benefit-analysis.

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